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One of America’s favorites in the Toy Group is the Chihuahua, (pronounced sha-wa-wa). At maturity the Chihuahua may be just 5 inches tall and the standard requires that they’re under six pounds. There have been adult Chihuahuas that weigh only about 1 and half pounds. There are two varieties, the long coat and the smooth coat and except for the difference in the length of the jacket they’re the same breed and there is no distinction between the two in their regular. A smooth coat has exactly that, a sleek and glossy close fitting coat with a well furred tail. The long coat has fringes of longer hair around the ears and neck and feathering on the legs, tail and the breech or”pants” on the rear legs. The Chihuahua should have a”domed head”, curved skull and massive eyes, very expressive.

bat exclusion is believed to be of Mexican origin and may have been filmed by the Aztec Indians. They are named after a Mexican state and gained popularity in Mexico.

With a dog this small health can be a significant concern. First of all, though they get along well with most other dogs, they believe they are bigger than they actually are. If they’re housed with bigger dogs and jealousy happens, the little dog won’t stand a chance so far as protecting itself. Care has to be taken that they aren’t put in conditions where they can not fend for themselves. Small children need to be watched, the Chihuahua has delicate bones and especially when they’re puppies these bones can be broken easily. Furthermore the Chihuahua has a soft spot in the skull in the center of the head. This is recognized in the standard and is unique to the breed. If the dog is injured in this soft place it can of course cause grave problems which could lead to its death.

The Chihuahua is a lively and smart dog with great affection for its owner. It gets really scrupulous and will usually not let its master from its sight. They’re a dog that fits nicely into a pocket tote and often can go with the owner wherever the owner goes. Just like a cat, it can be easily trained to a litter box in the house which makes it much easier to deal with when traveling. It’s a bossy little strain, not having any idea it isn’t a big dog. The Chihuahua is a noisy watchdog and often will snap if not socialized as a puppy. One of the problems is that many owners do not deal with this dog as they would a bigger breed and often it is not trained to act but rather is coddled and transported around and never learns proper manners when greeting strangers. A well trained Chihuahua is a delightful dog and a loving companion.

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