Is your pet overweight?

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So you’ve just confirmed with your veternarian that your animal is indeed overweight. It is time to confess and take some responsibility. That’s really the first step. We are far more responsible to our pets’ weight issues than we may think.

Take a quick peak at this fat checklist and be aware of the statements which

Apply to you and your animal.

1:Your cat or dog is an indoor animal which eats, sleeps and snacks almost all day long.

You rarely take them around the block for adequate exercise.

3: You gratify your dog by providing him/her treats whenever those needing eyes look your way, without cever onsidering the ingredients or the amount of calories.

4:You feed your pet too much, refilling the dish after it’s emptied, never considering the amount that you are actually feeding.

5:You have a multi cat household and some cats wind up eating more than the others.

6:You reside in a little apartment that does not have much space for your dog or cat to run about.

7:You feed your dogs and cats food just because, whether they are really hungry.

8:You never play with your cat and she’s no other cats or kittens in the household to perform with

9: You lavish your pet with lots and lots of treats out of pure guilt to compensate for all those long hours at work

It must be noted that Tracking your fat cat’s food consumption can be especially difficult in multi-cat households where only 1 of the household cats is critter in attic.

He or she probably got that way initially by swallowing the other cats’ food in addition to his/her own.

Alright, say that you have tried this and your cats just won’t appear to cooperate. This is normal.

Cats, more than some animals, are really creatures of habit. It can take 2 or even 3 tries, carrying your cat and the food to the new eating area. Regardless of what room it is, make it comfortable for them, even if it is the bathroom. Put down a place mat, shut the toilet seat, wear a light and maybe even put down a towel for your cat.

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