Pit Bulls

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Pit Bulls can be termed as America’s most-loved as well as most-feared dogs at exactly the same time. American houses have consistently had pit bulls as worthy affectionate pets, but a series of mauling incidents over the years have generated paranoia about this dog breed all over the nation.

The term ‘Pit Bull’ is a term referring to three breeds of dogs: the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Their mixtures are also called as Pit Bulls. The American Pit Bull Terrier was imported to America from England in the 19th century. Out of all of the Pit Bull breeds, the American Staffordshire Terrier, only called since the AmStaff is a descendent of the English bulldog, which was specifically raised for fighting. All Pit Bulls are distinguished by their short stocky but powerful bodies. They have wide mouths with long hanging tongues.

Pit Bulls are considered to be the most athletic dogs in the world. They’re descendents of the bull and bear fighting dogs used by cowboys in the past. Pit Bulls can hold a bull by massaging it on the nose and hence the term’to take a bull by its nose’. However, Pit Bulls are also considered to be very affectionate towards children. A variety of families that own Pit Bulls swear that pit bulls are the best breed of dogs around kids and they take an immediate and instinctive liking towards them.

squirrel removal near me are temperamentally aggressive dogs. Some kennels breed the dogs for dogfights, which are still conducted regardless of the fact that such fights are illegal. Even a typical Pit Bull wouldn’t flinch to attack other dogs and sometimes even individuals if left loose. Several Pit Bulls in the kennels bear scars, which indicate that they might have been engaged in scrapes before.

On account of their ferocity and violent disposition, Pit Bulls are being banned from several cities and states, Ontario in Canada being one of them. The remnants of them are being spayed, neutered and also treated with euthanasia. Undoubtedly, this has created a furor among dog lovers all over.

Dog lovers condemn the mercilessness of the manner in which Pit Bulls are being treated. They assert that Pit Bulls are just as aggressive as other dogs, and in the midst of caring and caring owners, they become so tender that they even be put with toddlers without worry. The problem lies with the proprietor, not the dog. Pit Bulls that are uncared for and bred poorly often become vicious. Also a single act by some Pit Bull doesn’t speak for the whole breed. Pit Bull fans are trying their best to conserve the Pit Bulls via signature campaigns and slogans such as”Punish the deed; not the breed.”

Pit Bulls have become the middle of a tug-of-war between the government and animal lovers. After a most amiable and well-loved breed, today it’s looked upon as a monster by many. The future of this breed, which was once it’s most-loved stays wrapped in doubt.

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